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GT Radial

Maxtour A/S

Features and Benefits

New tread compound - Enhances all season performance in wet and light snow conditions
Variable pitch tread blocks - Reduces tire noise
Wide circumferential grooves - Ensures effective water drainage to reduce hydroplaning
Lateral grooves - Pump out water and slush to improve wet and light snow traction
Large shoulder blocks - Improves handling and cornering performance
60,000 mileage warranty
30 Day Test Drive Guarantee

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Size MSPN Price Each  
175/65R14 AS064 $62.09 More Info
175/70R13 AS065 $60.65 More Info
175/70R14 AS066 $63.07 More Info
185/60R15 AS067 $65.72 More Info
185/65R15 AS069 $66.16 More Info
185/65R15 AS068 $66.21 More Info
185/70R14 AS070 $65.12 More Info
195/60R14 100A2461 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
195/60R15 AS058 $66.91 More Info
195/65R15 AS059 $68.93 More Info
205/60R15 AS072 $70.24 More Info
205/60R16 AS060 $75.72 More Info
205/65R15 AS061 $73.54 More Info
205/65R16 100A2474 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
205/70R14 100A2475 $72.79 More Info
215/60R16 AS062 $78.09 More Info
215/65R16 100A2484 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
225/60R16 AS063 $80.32 More Info
235/60R16 100A2492 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
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