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GT Radial

Maxtour LX

Features and Benefits

+ Harmonically Optimized Pitch Sequencing
+ Asymmetric tread pattern
+ Stiff outer tread blocks
+ Additional inner-tread shoulder channels
+ Full depth sipes

+ Reduces road noise generation for a quieter ride
+ Tuned for optimal all season performance
+ Ensure precise vehicle handling and steering response
+ Aid in water evacuation to reduce hydroplaning risk
+ Provide biting edges for grip throughout the life of the tire

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Size MSPN Price Each  
185/60R15 AS115 $65.54 More Info
195/55/R16 AS116 $76.07 More Info
205/50R17XL 100UA3526 $91.72 More Info
205/55R16 100UA3537 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
205/60R16 AS117 $82.47 More Info
205/65R16 AS118 $85.60 More Info
215/45R17 100UA3504 $90.09 More Info
215/50R17XL 100UA3525 $95.63 More Info
215/55R16 AS119 $86.75 More Info
215/55R17 100UA3521 $95.41 More Info
215/60R16 100UA3536 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
215/60R17 100UA3545 $98.13 More Info
215/65R16 100UA3540 $87.16 More Info
215/65R17 100UA3547 $101.26 More Info
225/45R17 100UA3502 $91.07 More Info
225/45R18XL AS107 $100.51 More Info
225/50R17 100UA3524 $97.34 More Info
225/50R18 AS113 $108.60 More Info
225/55R17 100UA3523 $100.66 More Info
225/55R18 100UA3512 $110.09 More Info
225/55R19 AS109 $119.32 More Info
225/60R16 100UA3538 $87.16 More Info
225/60R17 100UA3522 $101.75 More Info
225/60R18 AS121 $116.94 More Info
225/65R16 100UA3548 $93.44 More Info
225/65R17 100UA3539 $104.37 More Info
235/45R18 AS122 $103.43 More Info
235/50R17 AS112 $98.19 More Info
235/50R18 AS123 $113.44 More Info
235/55R17 AS120 $107.35 More Info
235/55R18 100UA3527 $118.51 More Info
235/55R19 100UA3508 $123.19 More Info
235/55R20 100UA3515 $130.76 More Info
235/60R17 100UA3546 $108.43 More Info
235/60R18 100UA3552 $120.07 More Info
235/65R17 100UA3542 $112.24 More Info
235/65R18 100UA3554 $120.28 More Info
245/45R18 AS111 $109.07 More Info
245/45R19XL AS110 $119.32 More Info
245/45R20 AS114 $129.54 More Info
245/50R20 AS108 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
245/60R18 100UA3553 $122.82 More Info
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