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X One XDA-HT Plus

Features and Benefits

Engineered to replace buals
Weight savings of approximately 425 lb. per tractor
Long original tread life from increased tread depth (+2/32) and wider (+16mm) treade depth
Cool running tread for optimum retreadbility with application specific compounds featuring Michelin\'s Co-Ex dual compound technology
Improved wet traction, especially towards end of tread life, with 1mm wider groove bottoms
Quieter running tread design with reduced stone retention through new block shape and optimised harmonic pitch frequency
Features Michelin\'s patented Infini-coil Technology & trade; incorporates 1/4 mile of steel cable to help eliminate casing growth at operating temperature
Comparison based on tractor equipped with 275/80R22.5 Michelin XDA-HT & trade; mounted in dual assembly on 8.25X22.5 inch aluminum wheels

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