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Features and Benefits

The New Nokian Rotiiva HT for SUV and Light Truck applications is the most advanced highway tread design with Nokian Tyres’ industry-leading technology. This ultra-quiet, sturdy highway tire provides optimal safety, comfort, and performance without compromise. The Nokian Rotiiva HT is excellent on asphalt or gravel and moves with ease in light off-road conditions. Unique innovations keep the main grooves clean, improving aquaplaning properties and extends the life of the tire by preventing “stone drilling.”

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Size MSPN Price Each  
LT215/85R16 T429320 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
LT225/75R16 T429321 $141.16 More Info
235/65R18XL T429313 $154.88 More Info
LT235/80R17 T429324 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
245/60R18XL T429316 $158.37 More Info
P245/65R17 T429311 $145.78 More Info
245/70R17 T429309 $143.69 More Info
LT245/70R17 T429325 $171.10 More Info
245/75R16 T429306 $129.62 More Info
LT245/75R16 T429322 $157.60 More Info
265/60R18XL T429317 $164.71 More Info
265/65R17XL T429312 $161.18 More Info
265/65R18 T429314 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
P265/70R16 T429308 $135.16 More Info
LT265/70R17 T429326 $181.54 More Info
P265/70R17 T429310 $147.16 More Info
265/75R16 T429307 $136.32 More Info
LT265/75R16 T429323 $164.71 More Info
275/55R20XL T429319 $161.81 More Info
275/60R20 T429318 $180.74 More Info
275/65R18 T429315 $187.87 More Info
LT275/65R18 T429328 $220.87 More Info
LT275/70R18 T429327 $214.59 More Info
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