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eNTYRE 2.0

Features and Benefits

-High Modulus Tread Compound Delivers improved handling properties like that of an ultra-high performance tire without compromising durability or wet or snow grip.

-Comfort Base Compound Provides unbeatable comfort over bumps and road cracks while reducing the tire’s heat build-up and improving wear characteristics.

-Polished Lateral and Inside Grooves Help to evacuate a greater volume of water and slush more effectively to reduce aquaplaning and slushplaning.

-Silent Sidewall Technology Absorbs noise waves and vibrations by using a unique compound on the wing area of the tire for a quieter
noise level inside the car.

-Silent Groove Design Reduces the unpleasant whistling noise by swirling the air passing through the main grooves of the tire using
small indentations on the walls of the grooves. This creates a more pleasant noise level inside the car and helps to cool the tire, reducing tire wear.

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Size MSPN Price Each  
185/60R15XL T429345 $94.88 More Info
195/50R16XL T429353 $112.81 More Info
195/60R15XL T429346 $97.62 More Info
195/65R15XL T429343 $99.71 More Info
205/50R17XL T429369 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
205/55R16XL T429358 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
205/65R16XL T429350 $115.65 More Info
215/45R17XL T429372 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
215/50R17XL T429370 $130.29 More Info
215/55R17XL T429366 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
215/60R16XL T429355 $118.34 More Info
215/65R16XL T429351 $116.56 More Info
215/70R16 T429347 $116.74 More Info
225/45R17XL T429373 $130.50 More Info
225/45R18XL T429381 $157.82 More Info
225/55R17XL T429367 $137.50 More Info
225/60R16XL T429356 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
225/60R17XL T429364 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
225/60R18XL T429376 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
225/65R16XL T429352 $122.25 More Info
225/70R16XL T429348 $131.90 More Info
235/45R17XL T429374 $136.60 More Info
235/45R18XL T429382 $168.57 More Info
235/50R18XL T429380 $174.93 More Info
235/55R17XL T429368 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
235/60R16XL T429357 $128.06 More Info
235/70R16XL T429349 $142.79 More Info
245/40R18XL T429385 $169.44 More Info
245/45R17XL T430898 $152.54 More Info
245/45R18XL T429383 $167.82 More Info
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